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Re: Mobile Customer Service

I think we all have to remember this:" You can't complain about the service, because there isn't any!"Obviously AGL thought running a phone company is easy and really doesn't need resourcing. Unfortunately making sales is a waste of time unless the product can be supported.C'est la vie!
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User manuals

Hi: Will much appreciate someone advising relevant URLs to access:User Manual for Gaoke modem LG6001MUser manual for TP Link Modem VX230v(AU)List of VOIP phone codes to facilitate Call Forwarding etcMany thanks in advance.Regards ... David
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Re: AGL Marketing Deals

Still no response!
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AGL Marketing Deals

Today I received AGL's promo for "3 months free on AGL Mobile".Now that AGL is selling Energy, Internet, & Mobiles - I would like to know how I can access the best possible package deal for all three products.I have been an AGL customer since 2008 so I figure I should get a loyalty bonus as well!Cheers ... Neville80
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