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nannical Switched-on
2 weeks ago

Re: Incredibly higher bill the usual

Hello NeilC,Thanks for your message.I tried to reach the customer service but they don't reply to me, they leave me on the chat waiting for the resolution team to solve my issue but nothing happens.This morning I got another bill, but this time is higher than the previous one... $800!Plus on the bill is written that the bill period is 31 days (13th of June - 13th of July) but I left that property on the 24th of June.I think I'll pass it to the ombudsman.
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nannical Switched-on
a month ago

Incredibly higher bill the usual

My AGL electricity bills have always been up to a maximum of $200 in winter. Two weeks ago I moved house and changed supplier. Few minutes ago I received my last AGL bill... $585 for 12 days. Is it a joke?
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