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Re: Future Electricity Generation

With the Australian grid overflowing with solar and wind power in the daytime, coal fired power stations are now a bit of a white elephant. Its not that they can't provide electricity, the problem is you can't switch them off in the daytime when they are not needed. The wholesale rate in the daytime on a sunny day can be negative, which means the coal fired power station has to PAY the distributor to take the power rather than earn money from selling the power. This means the economics are bre ...
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a month ago

Re: How is the Demand Tariff determined?

Your explanation sounds simple but it doesnt help.What has the 30 minutes got to do with finding the instantaneous peak ? Is it averaged over 30 mins ? Or do you find the median peak ? If the peak at say 8kw lasts 60 seconds , is it different to 8 kw lasting 5 mins ? Please explain with examples ? Over what time period is the instantaneous peak measured ? per second , per millisecond? If in a 30 minutes segment I use 8kw constantly for 15 mins, then zero for the other 15 mins is the measur ...
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Re: Drawing from grid and exporting at same time

Can AGL point me to the contractual definition of net metering when the house is connected to 3 phase but the solar inverter is only connected to one phase please. How is net metering worked out. If my Airconditioning is consuming 5kw on a different phase to my solar Inverter that is also producing 5kw , am i billed zero or am I billed for 5kw on one phase and a FIT of 5kw on another phase . I'd like to see the contract that defines how net metering works for AGL and smart meters.
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