how many kw solar panel can a 10kw inverter support

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I wanted to find out how many kw solar panels can a 10kw inverter support. I am planning to have 40 panels, with a fronius 10kw inverter, can this work well for me, in terms of efficiency.



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A 10kw inverter can only support 10kw of input.

Any excess capacity is dumped as heat by the inverter.

The size of the panels depends makes the capacity of the system.

40 two hundred watt panels would make 8Kw (40*200=8,000)

40 two hundred and fifty watt panels would make 10kw.

40 three hundred watt panels would make 12kw.

But THIRTY THREE 300 watt panels would enable you to have 9.9 kw of output


Now you need to read other posts about 10kw systems as it appears that AGL has a limit on systems and the amount of money you can receive as feed-in.


You should also be aware that Fronius inverters are known to be very noisy and are in the top price range of inverters.


You also need to find out what is the maximum output that your Supplier (the company that delivers your electricity to your residence) may have in your area. For example in regional NSW there are limits of 3kw applied that I already know about.


Cheers Neil


Cheers Neil

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