Why did the FIT get lowered ?

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My FIT gets dropped 0.102 cents !!! I just got off the phone to your resolution team after I found my FIT was dropped, I was told this was a "Government" decision to devalue my fight against C02 by installing solar panels, are you able to tell me which branch of the government this was State or Feds ??

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Peter3991 


Feed-in tariffs are set and vary state-by-state. Unfortunately they were indeed reduced in the recent review.

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This does vex me, you would think with the politics with Global warming and alternate power supply and not using coal that the leaders of this country would be embracing households to get solar panels and would be paying a higher FIT, almost to the same price that AGL sells it for.

A case in point, in Colorado USA the electrical meter which is digital runs both backwards and forward with customers that have solar panels, your at work you make say 20 kwh credit and at night you use that credit.

Seems poor Australians get a really bad deal 😞