Viewing solar feed in amount

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Having just had solar installed (5 days ago) i was wondering if its possible to see the amount of electricity being put back into the grid using the AGL app or online portal.  I can see that on sunny days between 8am to 6pm  i am not using any electricity according to the AGL web site, which i presume means i am generating enough electricity via my solar panels for my current needs (no pun intended)

Is there something that needs to be switched on at AGL or my meter to see how much i am returning t o the web and thus calculate the feed-in rebate amount

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Hi Michael3,


Don't hold your breath. ACL work at a snails pace in all things sadly. Even more so when they have to credit you with solar Feed in Credit.


My advice to you is set up an Excel spread sheet and enter in your solar generated and solar feed in from your inverter app.


I changed from Click Energy to AGL on the 20/12 I still have the confirmation email 😉 yet Click and AGL only started work on the actual switch over on the 10/01. Since then its been emails and phone calls to try and get my account to show something like my actual consumption and feed in and today is just another example of what your going to face.  


My second words of advise is keep printed records don't reply on memory. Sadly support staff will promise the moon over the phone and deliver nothing. I told by another AGL long term customer they say 20yrs, AGL has shorted them 4000kwh from their solar feed in.  


Take care and document everything.


And change your energy company if you want service.....  ;-( 

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Most solar companies provide some kind of monitor for the systems they install, which may be a physical monitor at your home or an app you can access online. If your provider doesn't offer a monitoring service, you can track solar energy production through the inverter itself.

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