VPP after installation service

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I'm in the Adelaide Hills area and have recently had a battery installed to an existing solar system to be part of the VPP. I had the backup system installed as well and I'm wondering if anyone else has had an issue with it working properly and if they know who we call when we do have a problem. I wasn't given any instructions on how to read the new meters or operate the system. I understand that most of it is automatic and I was told we can monitor it by logging into the site but nothing about what to do if something goes a bit wrong. I hahad an issue with the backup circuits on Sunday morning and sent a msg to agl support but didn't hear anything back yesterday so last night I emailed them and still no call or reply. Surely AGL have electricians we can contact for service in and out of working hours? Hopefully someone knows the answer.

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I had my system installed on  Monday 24th July.

I welcome kit with instructions was mailed on the Friday 28th July.


It has info on closing down and restarting the system.


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Thanks Peter.

 I will check the mail again today. Hopefully I will find my answers in there.

I do find it a little disappointing that no one from AGL has responded to emails though.



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When I say mail it was emailed.

Bad news - It comes with the Invoice.


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I received welcome to solar monitoring and how to register and log on to that site but no other info and no bill. Guess I will have to make some calls. 

Thanks for responding.

AGL Moderator
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Hi @HB240


Sorry to hear you didn't receive any instructions! Feel free to send me a message with some account details and I'll follow that up for you with our team.