USAGE Chart - hourly definition needed

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AGL provides the USAGE data on a chart as hourly, daily, monthly etc.

I would like to know for the HOURLY chart, if the point of data showing kwh and $ applies to the next hour period or for the previous hour period.

So the useage data point at eg 7pm - is it for usage between 6pm-7pm, or is it for between 7pm-8pm?

The chart goes from 1200 midnight to 11pm, so it seems the data is for the next hour period.




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Usage is measured in Half Hourly increments.

In your supplied data file the first reading for the day is from 00:00 till 00:30.

Agl seems to be implying that your usage is from 00:00 till 01:00.


Checking my File shows this to be true (except that it is wrong because I am in SA and they do not allow for the time difference).


To be correct the chart should start at 01:00 and finish at 00:00 (23:59 to be technically correct) thus showing your usage for the hour.


So the answer to your question is:

At data point 7pm it is showing usage from 7pm till 8pm

Cheers Neil