Solar – "Bought From Grid" Increased

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I've just installed solar and it was connected up last week. The property is currently being renovated, so there is only ONE plug point active (for the odd power tool during the day). Boiler is also currently turned off. So here's the strangeness.


According to the AGL mobile app, my figures are as follows (see attached):


Sun, 13 Aug

  • Sold To Grid: $0 (solar not active yet)
  • Bought From Grid: $2,65 (8.95 kWh Estimated)

Mon, 14 Aug

  • Sold to Grid: $1,68 (11.20kWh Estimated)
  • Bought from Grid: $5,32 (15.90 kWh Estimated)

So first observation: the minute the solar was installed, the consumption doubled. The wasn't just one isolated day, it's now looking like that everyday. What on earth could be explanation for that? It appears that I'm now paying more even with the amount I'm selling back to the grid.


The second observation is that I'm not even sure why I'm consuming $2 – 3 of electricity per day in the first place (before solar), when everything is turned off other than the single power point. That also just seems a bit off.


Any thoughts or answers? Thanks.


P.S. I'm going to be running everything through Solar Analytics (, so I'll get to the  bottom of the consumption\usage soon enough.



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Quick update. Something just kicked in... now this is looking a lot more promising 😎





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Good, why don't you keep us up to date.


Can't understand why people don't wait a while to see what's happening, bet you are not telling your carmaker that you are not getting the right fuel consumption.


Why don't you read your meter and see what's happening.

Cheers Neil

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