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Anyone ever had an issue with their solar sytem and tried to get AGL to fix it under warranty. Well I have and its now been about 3 months and my system still isnt functioning correctly. I have had a Ground Pro error come up intermittently which means the system does not function until it is either reset or it hopefully comes on the next day when it restarts. I get this error about 4-7 times out of 10 days.

I noticed this when AGL sent me a letter notifiing me that our buffer payment that we put in automatically to help alleviate the total bill when it arrives, was not covering costs anymore and I now need to put more money in.

They know I have a 50c feed in tarrif and could see on my bill that I was having a month or so with no feed in benefits. Payments were automatic so I was not being diligent enough in studying the bill data... anyway I reported this fault to AGL Solar.

They (AGL) sent their specialist out, at this time it was functioning but you could easily see via the logs that their were many days out of the 10 it logs, that it was not working. They then sent another person out and they came over twice over a period of 2 weeks and actually said it was the inverter. AGL then notified the inverter company Solaris and placed a warranty claim and then they (Solaris) said they will send and expert out to check the inverter and then they (Solaris) said it was the panels. As I have AGL branded panels they (AGL) are now going to send someone over to check the panels, but they want that person to have some panels with them to replace in case they find it is the panels. Guess what, they have to wait 2 to 4 weeks because they have not got the panels. AGL have apparently provided me a service that is not functioning and seem to be very proactive in not solving my problem. So far THIS HAS BEEN 3-4 MONTHS AND COUNTING... They should be doing their very best to get my system up and running. I would have put a different inverter in for a few days to see if that was the issue then within a week I would of known what the problem was.

I am going to report this to the ACCC and be very proactive in letting everyone know how extremly poor their service is. If they were to let you know before you buy a system that if your system does not work our warranty procedures will get you up and running in around 3 to 6 months... would you buy it??????

The other thing is the extremely poor communication to let me know what is going on... I now have one person from AGL solar dealing with me who is leaving unfinished text messages on my phone and not even trying to ring me back if I miss a call, a call missed because I am busy providing my customers with the service they expect in my line of business.

In my mind the sun certainly does not shine on AGL Solar.

Pauls Unhappy



AGL Moderator
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Hi @PaulsUnhappy


Thank you for reaching out to us, and for letting us know of your experience in such detail.


Firstly, I hope that you'll accept our sincere apologies for the poor service that you have received from AGL. It has not been our intention to keep this issue ongoing for so long, or to cause you and your family any trouble. 


Occasionally, with technical devices, the resolution is not straightforward. There could be multiple steps needed to review/test before a fix can be implemented. For any fix involving a warranty, the standard time frame (deemed reasonable) is one month. I'm sure you would have heard these explanations before, but obviously, we have not upheld this time frame.


Your feedback plays a vital role in ensuring our processes are improved, and that our service meets customers' expectations. Thank you for taking the time to voice your experience on this platform. 


Please be reassured that your case is still progressing. You should hear from your case manager shortly, who will provide an update. 


Please let us know if there is anything else that we can help with. 


Sincerely, Jordan

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