Solar Savers FiT Still Capped?

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Hi All

Back in August I noted AGL's Solar Savers Plan Feed-in Tariff had dropped from 17c/kWh to 8 c/kWh (with a bonus rate of 15 cents per kWh for the first 9kWh exported each day). In October MrsMac21 posted that she's noticed AGL's FiT has dropped yet again, though this might be specific to generic NSW plans as mousing over the solar feed-in-tariff cells of the electricity plan comparisons show NSW, QLD, and SA have very different rates.


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When looking at the QLD rates I'm not seeing the 9kWh per day cap that used to exist. Am I simply looking in the wrong spots, or has that been abolished?


The reason I'm asking is because 8c/kWh is simply laughably bad. A relative of mine is replacing his system so had a chap out from Origin. Whilst talking with him said relative learned that the state government is paying 7c\kWh for solar energy, meaning exported solar energy is only costing AGL 1c/kWh but being resold at 20c/kWh or so. Origin by contrast are offering 14c/kWh, but the catch is you have to buy your system through them, and that means Chinese solar panels. Given Beijing's trade war on Australia I'd prefer an alternative to a Chinese product, but I'd also prefer more rather than less in my pocket. 


If the Solar Savers Plan is uncapped and back to paying 15c/kWh regardless of how many kWh's you export each day that's likely to be my preference - though having to organise my own system will make things a bit more complicated. If it is capped, well that fact that Origin is offering almost double AGL's FiT then that's likely to be a no-brainer. 


Anyone able to confirm if the FiT cap is still in effect? 😀

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I'm in NSW and still on 20c kW FIT. . I thought it had downgraded. I just rang and was confirmed 20c kW,FIT  next 2 years. Been with AGL for last 2 years, no bill since solar installed. Didn't buy solar from AGL. 


Hope this helps. Brother on law Qld was on 8cKw last year. No idea what rate FIT he is on now.