Solar Saver Plan

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I'm thinking of putting solar on my roof, and can see that there is a solar saver plan with a 20c Feed In Tariff (FIT), but if I try to find any actual facts about the plan by searching on 'Solar Saver Plan' all I get is either a reference to 'Essential' plans, which don't mention Solar FIT, or a circular reference back to this community forum which only has AGL employees saying 'Yes, we're excited about this plan and it can be subscribed to',


Nowhere can I actually find out the details of the plan regarding eligibility, terms and conditions, contract length, future plans for Solar FIT etc. etc. etc.


Any suggestions?

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Hi AndrewB,


Thanks for contacting us and being apart of the AGL Community.


You can view information about the Solar Savers plan by visiting


Also, if you do want to contact us directly, we can provide you with a quote by email;


Kind Regards,