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I notice people have been receiving the same issue about a bogus notification of multi-tenancy property as an excuse not to install the smart meter that has been promised since the Government rebate ended in NSW. I was advised that there was a delay in installing the meters and that I could pay for a local electrician to install a meter that AGL would provide to have it done earlier. The price quoted was exceedingly high and I have no idea what the financial trade-off is against the savings from a smart meter installed including the electricialn fee against waiting for AGL to honour their commitment as they have not provided a revised date. As a customer for many years I'm seriously considering another supplier.

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Hi @guysimons


To best find out what has happened in this case, can you please send myself a private message here on the Community with your account details and we can find out what has happened. Or you can give our Digital Metering Team a call on 1300 669 245. 


You can find out the benefits of having a digital meter installed here