Single phase inverter on 3 phase power supply

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I have 3 phase power supply and my roof can fit around 9KW of panels capacity.I have been quoted on a 3 phase 8 KW SMA inverter and single phase 8KW Sungrow inverter.

Can I use a single phase 8KW inverter on a 3 phase power supply?

What will be the issues if any?

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Here is an interesting article on three phase power and inverters. ARTICLE 

Note the mention of dropouts using a single phase.

You would also have to find out if your current metering system supports measuring feed-in to the grid or you require a new metering system.


AGL have recently changed their rules and no longer have a 10Kw limit on the system size. (However your supplier may have local limits on systems and you should check on this)


I suggest you really read up on this subject as you will see that using a single phase for feed-in you may not be getting the full benefit of your system.


If it was me I would be going for a three phase system.



Cheers Neil

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