Road Tax for EVs?? Counter-productive

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The Victorian government is in the process of designing a road user tax  (R.U.T. - so appropriate a description of many of our roads!). Other states are, foolishly, thinking along these lines.

    This will have the effect of DISCOURAGING EV UPTAKE.

     How come politicians are so insensitive to their electorate AND to the environment?

AH, you say, they need something to take the place of the current (no pun intended) fuel excise.  It's the same tax that's charged on spirits, cigarettes etc.  Don't worry, ghosts are safe!                                                                BUT I say that the amount gathered in fuel excise IS NOT ALL SPENT ON ROADS!  Most goes into a secret bucket called GENERAL REVENUE, which pays for things like politicians' junkets.

So how do we (1) encourage the uptake of EVs,  and (2) make up for the certain loss of petrol excise. resulting from large scale EV use?  Your thoughts please??

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I presume you own an EV.


You are correct that not all funds (taxes) go to the correct location.

However that is a decision of the elected parliament and some thing that we don't have much to do with except at election time.


However, a road tax, is a tax that is supposed to generate funding to maintain and build the road networks in all states and territories.


In all fairness to all road users, a tax is the only way that revenue can be gathered and it is also fair in the fact that the more you use the more you pay.


Now how do propose that EV users pay for their use on the road network?


Or do you expect them to get it for FREE.


What happens when EV use increases and the roads are getting worse with less funds being raised?


Do you propose an honour system where EV users log onto a system report their mileage and then pay for their road use each month?


Of course, if they fail to report, then their registration would be put on hold, the number plate registration system would detect the vehicle not being registered and appropriate fines be issued?


Then, at least once a year, the vehicle would have to be taken to a vehicle inspection point where the ODOMETER would be checked?


Maybe the charging unit where they recharge the vehicle could be connected to the internet and depending on the amount of power drawn that would be used to used to generate their monthly RUT!


AHH, the issues are endless.


Reckon we will have to leave it up to the legislators.


Cheers Neil

Cheers Neil

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