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I installed solar panels two years ago in an effort to join in the green power movement. At that time the Solar Feed in Tariff was 21 cents/kwh. The following year the Feed in tariff was reduced to 17 cents/kwh. The proposal for the next year is 12 cents/kwh. If AGL are keen to support Green Energy why is the Feed In tariff being reduced each year?? At this rate in another two years I will have to pay them to take my Solar Power.

Does anyone know of a better Company for Solar Plans??

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The Australian Government has a website called Energy Made Easy that is designed to supply the information that you are asking for.

The link is 


You can type in your criteria and get information from EVERY RETAILER in Australia.


There are other sites but these are sites that only support the Retailers that pay them.


One of the problems with Solar is that people that have it do not reduce their usage but in fact increase the actual usage but it is offset by their solar generation.


There are some companies that only pay 2c per kW now and other companies that pay 12c but only for the first 8kW.


Here is a tip for you, did you know that most of the inverter AC units have an oil heater in them. This heater uses 125w per hour (That's 3kW a day). Take that over 90 day billing period and that's an extra 270kw on your bill.


By the way I did answer your question in the first paragraph, could you solve this and also give me a like.






Cheers Neil

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