Over Charging on accounts

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I have for many years had solar, and about 2 years a battery.  With that battery comes a very good app which shows 24/7 records of solar generation, export, import, daily use and IMPORTANTLY, amount of power drawn down from the grid.

So I've been coasting along, daily download from the grid minimal so quite low bills.  However, my last bill looked way to high so I actually went back and did a 3 month comparison on what AGL said was my average daily usage and what my Battery App said.

Turns out that AGL appears to have been charging me for my daily household use ...NOT...what I have drawn down from the grid.  Now minimal errors aside, I estimate that I have drawn down from the grid about 30% on average of the total household usage, the remainder being supplied from the solar during the day and the battery at night.

My question to anyone who has the answer is.... who do you take this to that has the expertise to sort the problem out.  And incidentally, this is not an isolated incident I have discovered, incorrectly set-up smart meters have been known to do this apparently.

Just for information, my background is pretty much a lifetime associated with power generation and distribution, I don't think I'm blowing smoke.

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I too have has solar for many years and purchased a battery December 2022. I too have an app that shows records of battery generation, export, import, daily use and IMPORTANTLY, amount of power drawn down from the grid.

Yet my next estimated bill is over $600 when last year for the same period it was $520.

This is totally out of whack with my battery which says our household is functioning at 73.99% self-sufficiency. I have queried AGL estimates and received a message that an investigation will be opened. I haven't heard anymore after a week. I am hoping there will be answers and at least a recommendation for change if I am doing something wrong at my end. (Which I doubt!)

A very similar situation. I contacted through the AI discussion starter and was soon moved onto an AGL rep who was very helpful in suggesting an investigation was needed.

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Unfortunately, the news back from AGL is that everything is correct and I should be paying these inflated bills. Ne reasons given, no logic.


Not happy and not resting until I have answers.