Minimum usage for Solar FIT

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We had solar panels installed on our newly built house to offset the cost of running a larger house with ducted air conditioning and a pool. Our first bill arrived - no solar feed in tariffs. I talked to someone on the resolution team who had it investigated. When I followed up, I was told that we need to increase our usage to get a solar FIT? I have been unable to find anywhere that it states what the 'minimum usage' is to get the feed in tariff.

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You need to contact NeilC from this forum as he is all over the rules and regulations to see if they are pulling your leg which it sounds like what’s happening to me 

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@Wendy13 @Zues 


When you had your panels installed you should have had a remote meter installed.

This meter reports every 30mins your usage, this should include your Peak, Solar, Off Peak or controlled load etc.

The meter needs to be configured to do this.

When you log onto either the App or the AGL My Usage Webpage can you see any solar input.

Have a look at your plan on the app or website and see if you have a solar rate on it.


The word FIT stands for feed in tariff and causes issues with some as it is normally an extra rate the your State Government will pay you.


SA used to pay 55c but no longer pays that. I believe Vic Gov still pays a 4c FIT.


Wendy, you need to look at AGL Solar Plans and make sure you are on one of them.


Hope this helps


Cheers Neil

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