Liddell shut down

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Keep up the good work in your  progressive and responsible manner in closing Liddell. don't be bullied by this Liberal Government who have no environmental credentials on many matters. They are being controlled by Mr Coal(tony Abbott) and Barnably Joyce. we would not be in the predicament we are now if they had not blocked the carbon tax. Now their disastrous land clearing policy have come into effect that are destroying the Great Barrier Reef. There water policy's on the Murray Darling Basin are killing the river and all the communities down stream. I am a share holder and also live on the planet,

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Hi @nick1


Thank you for your post and support for our position in the current climate. I am moving your post to our Renewables board, as this is wonderful support but not exactly how we can improve our Community site. Keep the commentary and feedback coming! 

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sorry I put my post in the wrong place. Still learning to  find my way around your site. There didnt seem any appropriate heading for me. 🙂

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 nick1 - your and your greenie mates' rubbish have caused us all the expensive electricity and gas as well as many other problems. I bet you also support the fluid gender and the political correctness crap. 

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What's Liddell got to do with saving the Barrier Reef and all the other stuff you mentioned? Liddell is in NSW! Suggest some other alternative that can produce reliable electricity when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing and we can save the world then. 

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