Liddell - keep up the good work and defy the government that have lost all enviromental credentials

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We all know a carbon price is the way to go.

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Iā€™d like to add my support to the AGL management and Board for trying to develop the Liddell site in a responsible way to address climate change as well as look after their own risk management. The spectacle of our government desperately trying to strong-arm the company into supporting dinosaur fossil-fuel technology is bizarre. As a shareholder and customer, I hope you resist the pressure and continue to make rational, responsible and future-oriented investment decisions.

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Dear AGL,

Don't be deterred by Alinta's Offer of $250m( forced on them by Government). Follow what Share holders, the general public,Industry and responsible good business principals tell you. Low emissions is the way to go. Even if we have to have the odd power cut that is better that keeping Liddell open. if it ever gets to power cuts it wont be the industries fault it will rest squarely on the Federal Liberals Governments blocking of the carbon tax and dithering around with fake environmental policy's that don't achieve anything or give direction and certainty to industry.