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Just connected up to VPP last week and wondered how others were going.

My battery charges to 90% and discharges to 20% (usually more).

Is this considered normal? Is this what others are getting?

I must be honest and confess to expecting a greater than 70% usage factor.

Comments anyone?

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Hi Bryce,


My VPP was also installed last week.  My battery also only charges to 90%.  My understanding is that Lithium Ion batterys should not be charged to 100% as it dramatically affects its life cycle - so its likely this is by design.
Overnight my battery has never dropped below 24% (so far).  Again, Lithium Ion should not be fully discharged either so I would expect it to cut out well before 0%, but I dont think I've managed to use enough power to get to the cut-off yet. 🙂
Given the specs for the battery report 4000 - 7000 cycles at 80% DOD (Depth of Discharge) i would expect it to cut off at 10% but havent confirmed this yet.  Maybe I should leave the stove on one night and find out 😉


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Hey @Bryce - I just wanted to follow up here and let you know that there's a couple of posts here in the Community which might also be of interest to you. One of our users has shared a great summary of his experience so far here, and our official VPP discussion thread can also be found here. Hope to see you join the conversation!


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Mine charges to 90% and will not use below 26%.

This results in only having 4.8 kWhr available for use from the current battery.

I can accept the 90%, but consider the 26% too low.