Inverter number and agl reading big difference

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I've go solar for nearly half a year now, the average saving is like $40-50 a month and I had a 6.6kw system.  There just seem to be mismatching from the data my inverter shows me and what AGL shows average usage daily before installing solar was like around 13kwh a day and looks like after installing solar is like 10 kWh a day. I don't understand how can there be only 3 kWh saving a day? Is that a joke?  What's the point of people spending 4,5k to install solar if the saving is only this much?  Is there something wrong with the meter?  


Having a look at this one particular day 28 Mar 23 as an example, it's a cloudy day and my inverter said it generated 8.2kwh that day. AGL tells that I bought 12.77 kWh from grid that day which is my average before installing the solar. This means hardly any solar was used, then only 2.5kwh was sold to the grid.  There is around 6kwh discrepancy here.  This is just a day when solar didn't generate much, there are days where my inverter is telling me it generated 30 kWh I can still big discrepancies in AGL readings.  Can someone help here please?



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Hi @Lianaguoss, welcome to Neighbourhood. 

What I can do is just make sure the readings we receive from the meter are correct, and i'll send you a private message for that so we can get started. Thanks- Mark.

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It is very simple maths.

You generate X amount of solar.

You get paid for Y amount of solar.

If X is in kW and Y is in kW the answer is X-Y.


If X = 40 and Y=13 the resultant is X-Y or 27.


Therefore you consumed 27 kW and got paid for 13kW


This is called applied mathematics


Now your X is your investment in cheaper electricity, the Y is your perceived return.


You need to realise that you did not invest in solar to make a profit but to reduce the cost of your power.


We spent $3300 on our solar and it took some 18 months to return our investment. We got free hot-water, did not pay for any electricity and got a return.


Again do your basic maths.

Cheers Neil

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