I installed 30 panels and 10KW inverter with sun 2 solar Ballarat. Do I have to report to AGL for ..

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My AGL account is 7090 792 172. After I installed 30 panels and 10KW inverter, PV inspection done on 16/12/2023. Do I have to change my tariff code by AGL for electricity sell out to AGL? Do I have to report to AGL for my solar system start used? My house build on this year, I guess I got single interval meter. 



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Hi, Call AGL new connection and inform them. Maybe need to replace the meter and install an isolator switch. Please keep the electrician's license number, name and contact number handy when you call.

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What was forgotten is to advise AGL customers that as soon as AGL know you have Solar they will change your rates to the highest possible rate but at the same time advise you to wait a month before changing plans. This happened to me so I changed supplier.

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I would research the best package for your system and how you use energy.

Do you know how much your load is during the day and night?

If you have excess power during the day then the Feed In Tariff will be an important factor.

This needs to be balanced with the daily connection fee.

If you are not home during the day but are at night then you will be buying that power at peak rates. Work out strategies to load shift as much as possible to daytime when you can use your own solar. Things like using washing machines and dishwashers with delays so they run during the day.