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It has come to my attention that you were looking at building a coal fired power station in Bayswater Victoria. 

Please look at my alternative to this possible option. 

By using power generated by solar house panels and solar farm (project earth) you have plenty of power to run a hydrogen electrolysis plant separating demineralised water and separator of 100 MW. You can then charge our local gas network from 10 pc to 100 pc and run Melbourne on Hydrogen. Cost 190 mil grant from Arena and build Electrolyser plant for 190  mil. Look at Yara Pilbura Western Australia who will be first gas early 2021. The hydrogen stored in the gas grid will become a huge battery storage and produce no carbon monoxide. Too good to be true. So you can run cars buses trains planes ships. The price of hydrogen will drop to less than $2 a litre once the plants currently being built in Australia get in line. Forget coal is last century’s technology. Think how much credibility agl will get selling green Hydrogen

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Hi @BrianS . Green hydrogen generation technologies are definitely an exciting emerging area. If you're interested in learning more about AGL's involvement, have you checked out the recent articles and submissions over on  The Hub?