High Efficiency Low Emmissions Coal Fired Power Stations

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Bring back our low priced reliable electricity.Other nations are waking up but you are still backing the corrupt UN & their one world government.No profits with no customers.

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AGL find it cheaper to just sit back, do nothing and rake in the subsidies given to them by taxpayers for unreliable, unsustainable "renewable" power.

Fact is manufacturing solar panels and wind turbines consumes more energy than they'll ever produce and results in pollution an order of magnitude higher than a HELE coal fired plant

AGL's CEO, the "Toxic American" couldn't give a crap about destroying Australian industry and leaving Australians with unreliable power as he'll just pocket the bonuses and piss off back to the US where they've had the sense to go nuclear

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Hi @goldie2 and @Talan2

Thank you for your comments, and for sharing your point of view. 


We are committed to getting out of coal, and we want our customers to know it. We are working closely with the Government to ensure that our customers are able to view energy plans easily, and to make sure that prices remain affordable. To read more about this, and our CEO's stance on renewable, you can check out these article:  and .


Cheers, Jordan

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Your CEO's stance can be summarised as "Whatever maximises my boonus"