Electric Aviation in Australia

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Hello there energy optimisation enthusiasts!

Without a doubt, we are all in an exciting time of change and development in the energy sector and in industries that use energy for actions. 

Many technology developers worldwide are seeking new and better ways to convert energy into action for our present and future for a cleaner, greener decarbonised tomorrow. The EV revolution has been fabulous to watch, driving development (pun intended) in new technologies and changes in infrastructure. 

Now electric propulsion technologies have spread the the aviation sector, and Fly On E Zero Emissions Aviation in Perth, Western Australia, is leading the charge (punny) for electric aviation in Australia. 

Fly OnE is currently operating electric sport aircraft that carry 2 passengers and are optimised for pilot training and recreational activities. These aircraft are completely electric and have zero emissions. Fly On E has now activated Australia's first electric aviation network with multiple charge nodes at Western Australian airports. As we grow this network, we are also importing and helping to develop larger, longer range electric aircraft of 4 or 5 seats with up to 750 km range. What is really exciting about electric aviation, other than the obvious reduction in fossil fuel consumption and harmful emissions, is the drastic reduction in cost of operations. We will be able to operate on-demand private-style aviation services to regional areas at similar or better costs than current cattle class scheduled combustion powered air transport.  But we need a little help. Building a new technology network and being the first (and to date,  'the only') electric aircraft operator in Australia is difficult and expensive. Would you like to see a sustainability focused company like AGL support the development of electric aviation on Australia? With a little help, we could be operating thousands of regional flights a year of up to 5 passengers per trip in zero emissions aircraft as early as 2026. 

We want to take you more places with less emissions! Find out more about zero emissions aviation in Australia by searching 'electric planes in Perth' in your favourite search engine.

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Exciting stuff @Korum_E , thanks for sharing. Our community guidelines generally don't allow advertising, but reducing aviation emissions and making the industry more sustainable is of course super important and this is certainly an appropriate place to be discussing it. Good luck with getting this... off the ground.