Charge after installing solar energy

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I going to install solar energy at home. I have a few questions to ask:


1、Day time the Solar energy power generation input to your AGL, how much is AGL's electricity charge per kilowatt hour?

2、How much KWh the AGL Supply to me the electricity fee at night?

3、If the electricity generated during the day is not used up, It can be stored in the AGL electrical network?

4、Extra electricity fees can be returned to my bank account? Such as: electricity fee per degree: $0.20/kwh

     Unused electricity fees: 10 degree Google Multiply by $0.20=$2.00

AGL Moderator
AGL Moderator
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Hi allan631202,


Thank you for reaching out! 


We offer competitive market rates for our feed-in tariffs to ensure that you're maximising the savings potential of your solar system, however, we recommend focusing a larger proportion of your usage to during the day when your panels are most active. Where you're able to do this, you'll reduce the amount of electricity that you purchase from the grid which, in turn, allows you to save even more.


Our solar buy-back rates differ depending on the state you live in. 


You can find more information regarding available solar offers and rates here.


Kind regards



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