An engineer's critical analysis of the VPP so far

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I have a few questions I hope someone can help me with.


I have a three phase power supply to my house.


I also have a 5kW PV solar system, which uses a single phase SMA inverter.


I have a large, 3 phase, reverse cycle ducted air conditioner. It is an inverter model that steps down from 6kW to 3kW.


I have signed up for the Tesla Powerwall 2, and am due a site inspection shortly.


I am a little confused by how the phases operate but it seems to me that 2 phases of the air conditioner will always be drawing power from the grid.


I believe the Tesla battery is also a single phase unit.


So my questions are:

  • Am I correct in thinking that at the moment, two of the phases of the air conditioner will always draw power from the grid? That is that only one phase can be powered by the solar panels.
  • Going forward, when the Tesla battery is installed, will the situation remain the same? That is, that two of the phases of the air conditioner will always draw power from the grid.
  • Is my only solution to this to wait for the air conditioner to die and ensure I replace it with a single phase unit?


Any information on this would be helpful as this realisation has put a dent in my payback calculations.



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Hi Paul,

Sorry I can’t help with 3 phase.

i suggest you contact Tesla direct and the VPP management if you don’t

get a response on the Community.