10kW limit on PV

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It seems that AGL drops its FIT on systems over 10kW.  What does it use to determine system size?  A. System size based on panel rating eg 10x370Wpanels  = 3.7kW . B. The Inverter Capacity?  C. The grid approval system size?  Also, if a customer has say a 10.36kW system and takes off one panel to be a 9.99kW do they then qualify for the better tariff?  What do they need to do to be reclassified as having a system under 10kW

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @Nicholsp03 , The 10kw restriction for the Solar Savers plan is based on total panel size.

Removing a panel to decrease the system size below 10kw would make you eligible for the Solar Savers plan, but I'd suggest getting in touch with us to ask about reclassification before making any changes.