1,000 SA VPP Sales Complete - Launching two new offers

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We've reached a major milestone in our SA Virtual Power Plant program. 


The trial has been a great success, with 1,000 VPP batteries now sold. VPP testing is well underway with two reports on the projects progress published by ARENA, and another expected later this year. The reports showcase a number of different despatch tests that show how a VPP can be used for grid stability services.


For those who missed out on this phase of the VPP, we have good news: We're launching two new offers in July 2019:


Bring Your Own Battery

If you already own an eligible battery, you'll be able to join the AGL Virtual Power Plant and help maximize your battery investment. Check out www.agl.com.au/bringyourbattery or call 1300 157 765 for more info.


Buy A Battery

If you live in Adelaide and have solar but don't yet own a battery, you'll soon be able buy one through this program and join the VPP! Register your interest over at https://www.agl.com.au/solar-renewables/solar-battery-storage or call 1300 447 465, and stay tuned for more information. 

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I would research other companies offering batteries as I have not been impressed with the service from AGL on the two faults I have had in the last 4 months.


There is a "dedicated" service phone number to leave a message on that never gets responded to.


There is an email address that never gets answered.


If you ring and speak to a person they don't know how to deal with the issue and end up transferring you to the solar resolutions team and that is the phone number that lets you leave a message that never gets responded to.


An endless loop of useless, time wasting, cost cutting technology that serves no purpose other than to allow them to advertise that they have a service team, when in actual fact it is just and area to make a recording and move you on.


Not good enough by any means.



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Hey @Paul-3-Phase , sorry you've struggled to get in touch with the VPP team. Which phone number and email address are you referring to?