Billing Cost Data as displayed under Usage Tab on the Webpage

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Since AGL installed my new digital meter I have been monitoring daily usage and cost data - the ability to do so is fabulous for monitoring my daily usage patters. However the electricity usage costs that are displayed on the Usage Tab appear to derive data that is shown on the download (CSV) file on this tab. Only problem is the cost figures and daily average cost figures are based on the peak cost figures 24hrs/day not TOU rates. I nearly had a fit when I saw the expected cost for the coming quarter and nearly left AGL because of the unexpectedly high cost until I realised AGL were using just one rate to calculate these costs. I now download and use the usage data against time of day in my own spreadsheet to monitor costs. Is it possible to tailor an individual's account on this website tab with the correct cost data for TOU customers. If I can do this surely AGL could also.