vx230x after firmware upgrade 2.4ghz collapsed

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Hi everyone, I have a VX230v router for my plan of 50/18 mbps.


The internet experience was pretty good, speedtest shows normally in the evening, the laptop (2.4ghz band only)  was having 37-44 mbps of download, and 17-18 mbps of upload. On phones both bands runs basically at full speed. The only glitch was the internet cannot be reconnected after power back on for 15 to 30 minutes, for unknown reasons. but once it got connected, it runs pretty smooth.


before upgrade laptop.png


Recently I downloaded the latest VX230v(AU)_V1_240114 firmware from tp-link au website on 9/3/2024, and things are going sideways from then.


The laptop and phones, using 2.4ghz is now running both slow, and unstable.


upload cannot go pass 3mbps average, and download ranges between high single digits to high tens mbps


after upgrade laptop.png


I have noticed that the router currently emits 2 hidden ssids on the same mac address from vx230v.


some times it may become 3 hidden ssids. I didnt activate any of the guest or multi ssids and I've already checked the settings for a few times.


I have a mesh system with another router (tplink ax23), but the above symtoms persist even I turned off the second router and the turn off mesh setting on the vx230v. Before the firmware upgrade, there's only one hidden ssid emited from each of the main and second router mac addresses. and all devices were running smoothly.



Screenshot_20240311-214147_WiFi Analyzer edit.jpg


Screenshot_20240311-214144_WiFi Analyzer edit.jpg

Now the 2.4ghz runs like a load of crap.


The 5ghz band is not affected. always 50/18 before and after the firmware updates.


I've downgraded back to the VX230v(AU)_V1_231016, which has been used all the way before the firmware upgrade on the 9/3/2024, and symptoms remains the same.


TP-LINK cannot offer any technical support as this is an ISP only model.


Thank you for any suggestions and advices.