Netcomm N20MESH modem issues and firmware upgrade

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It looks like my 3-month AGL broadband connection has regular issues connecting to devices at home.

Download speed is good, upload speed too, but some devices just drop randomly their internet connection when connected to the Wifi.

I've started using another Wifi access point to check if that was the problem, but it does not solve anything, devices keep dropping their internet connections, while still connected to Wifi, and other devices can access internet.

Logging in to the modem, the DHCP client table looks unstable. I started assigning fixed addresses but looks like it's not accepting more than 4 fixed addresses (instead of 32 as displayed).

Anyway, checked the firmware version from Casa/Netcomm and looks like there is a newer version - R6B019 - than the one in the modem - NF20MESH.NC.AGL-R6B017.EN. 

Should I upgrade the firmware even if it's not an AGL/Southern Phone version? (I have backed up my configuration on my laptop)

Did anyone experience the above mentioned issue ?

Next stage is to BYO my own modem if that doesn't work.

Thanks for any comment.

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I too  have same issue of devices getting dropped off frequently. Also the dual band doesnot work properly. The 5GHZ keeps dropping. After lot of chase with technical team they have mentioned they would send a new router .It has been 2 weeks yet not dispatched by AGL. The customer service is pathetic, Speed is ok.

I even tried connecting the RJ45 cable to my old laptop directly from router, still it is dropping the laptop.

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Hi Quentin and SKG,


There are a few possible causes, and therefore fixes, for the connectivity issues you have listed above. These are best to be worked through with our Technical Support team.

I know you posted this a little while ago, have you had any changes in your connection?



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AGL has shipped a new router to me which i received after 3 weeks.Issue is resolve by 90%. Now for the 10% issue they have asked to get wiring checked by private electrician

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That's great news, thank you for letting me know. Happy web browsing!