Modem and Router

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I about to move into a new property.


This property already has FTTB nbn.


I was discussing with an agent on ConnectNow who is currently helping arrange electricity, water and wifi connection. She said that she is aware of the existed FTTB nbn at the property and we may need to buy a modem for setting up wifi connection.


I am still really confusing what a modem is despite reading things on Google. And also, some of them also mention a router.


I don't really understand the modem and router and which one should I buy when I move into this new property ? Also, what kind of modem should I buy ? I am planning to use the 100Mbps wifi plan of AGL ( $69/month for first year ).


Please help me.

Thank you very much.

AGL Community Manager
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Hi @quocminhh , the easiest option is to buy a modem from us when you sign up for your internet plan. You can buy one outright when you set up your account, or pay it off over 24 months. The devices AGL sells will be guaranteed to work with AGL internet and our agents can help you get it set up.