eSIM troubles

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I have recently signed up to AGL mobile and had my number ported across from Optus. Originally when AGL had sent me the QR code to activate my eSIM, it seemed to work, and had said eSIM active, it also seemed to add the profile in the carrier settings in my phone. 3 days later received a call from AGL asking if I wanted to activate my SIM, unbenknown to me it was still somehow using the Optus SIM installed also. When I agreed, I lost service to my phone and service was never regained. Contacted AGL multiple times via the chat, and kept getiing passed around and then no response, this happened about 6 times. Finally decided to call the 131245 line and again got passsed around and finally landed on someone willing to help. He got me to delete the eSIM profiles and try re-adding them, to no avail. He then resent me a new QR code/new eSIM and same problem, "unable to add eSIM". I have now been without seervice for 16 hours, and require it for work. Additionally, help line is only open Mon-Fri 8am-6pm. I have had to sign up to Vodafone as a temporary measure and spend more money so I have service for the weekend however I cannot port my number to them as I need an active number to be able to port. Very dissappointing AGL.

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Hi @jkanem86 - sorry to hear we let you down on your signup here, that does sound like a frustrating experience. Thanks for taking the time to share the feedback, I will pass it along to the Mobile team so we can work on ironing out these signup issues.