Unable to access gas meter

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So I have just moved to a new place - a unit complex with a meter room - no lock at the front complex and no lock to the meter room


And I got my first sms last week said they could not access my gas meter! 


so I called and web chatted to make sure they come to the right address and gave them some instruction how to get to the meter room.


then I got another sms today again ! Unable to access gas meter again! But they didnt have any problem read the electricity meter in the same room.


i don’t get it at all and I feel like if I call them again they will just keep doing the same thing! And charging me fail to read the meter 


it is frustrating as they don’t tell me the exact reason and just say they can’t access it! 


I have sent an email to customer solutions and waiting for reply. 

Did anyone have the same experience? 


FYI, they also have some problems locating my exact address? They said my electricity meter actually registered for another Suburb ( paddington instead of Milton)  with the same post code, but agl staff assured me they won’t go to the wrong address! 


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same as yours. They tried 4 times but not solve yet. Agl chat says same try again and again.

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Frustrating! I am surprised u let them do the 4th time ! 

I talked to the staff on the phone ( resolution ) again yesterday and 

arrange one more time for them to come , and the staff said he will leave a note for the meter reader to ring me 


i will Be sitting at home and wait! 


Will change provider if it is still not resolved 


PS the sound quality of agl is really poor! 

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Very disappointed with AGL


i took a day off from work - no one from AGL showed up today 


I live chatted with staff at 3:30 pm and the staff reassured me they were coming!

wasted my whole day at home.


i will talk to agl tomorrow to see what’s going on. Better not charge another fail to read! 

i am not even sure they came the first two times! 


Definitely wont use agl again!