Smart meter vs inverter readings

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I have been viewing our usage and solar production over the last couple of weeks and it seems we are being charged based on what our total consumption is (being both what we are using from energy produced and what we are purchasing from the grid. Previously when I have monitored our usage if our inverter said that we produced 40kw, self consumption 20kw, total consumption 30kw then our agl app would state our usage was10kw being what was used from the grid and 20kw sold to grid. Has something gone wrong? I have attached y screenshots of yesterdays readings.

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The screen shot says that you CONSUMED 51.04kW.

(This is a billing amount from AGL and you pay about 17.5c for usage)

The same shot also says that you will get paid for 3.18Kw at about 9.5c per kW.


The top shot is probably your solar app.

Production for the Day 15.76kW and you consumed 9.79kW of that (or 6kW to grid) and you took 51.81kW from the grid.


AGL stats shows that you took 51.04kW but only put 3.18kW  now your app appears to be fairly accurate on your usage 51/51.8 or  98.5% accurate, but well out on the amount that you put to the grid 3.2/6.0 or 53% accurate.


Looking at the graph I cannot see anything to indicate that you put a great amount of power to the grid. In fact I am surprised that you manage any output to the grid!


I suggest you look at your data over a greater period.


Looking at your screen, data suggest you look the data for the 14th, output to the grid looks to be the same but your consumption looks to be about 30kW...


If you are trying to say that AGL meter readings are inaccurate then you can ask for a meter test.



Don’t think my meter is working—who do I call?

Under the NECF you have the right to arrange for your meter to be tested if you believe it is faulty. You should contact your retailer to make arrangements for a meter test. However, if the meter is found to be working correctly, you can be charged for the cost of the meter test. This cost may vary, so you should confirm the amount you may be charged before asking for a meter test.



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