Smart meter reconfiguratin charges

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I have been with AGL for over 10 yrs. Last year I purchased a property  and moved in. I contacted AGL to transfer the services and the operator mentioned about  switching my meter to a smart Meter free of charge. I asked if there were any hidden charges or anything. I also mentioned about getting a solar panels down the track. I was convinced by AGL that there are no  addition fees.


1 year after, I  got the solar panel installed last week. I called AGL to know more about the feed in Tarrifs and to make sure that I am covered. I was told that I need to pay $165  meter reconfiguration fee. How is that fair when I have already made an enquiry about any additional charges before hand and mentioned about getting the solar. why wasn't the meter configured for solar ready so that we dont have to pay any charges.


AGL Moderator
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Hi kes,


Thank you for your feedback.


The fee you've been quote covers the costs involved with connected your solar system to the grid so that you're able to export excess power and receive a credit in return for this. This work can not be completed prior to your solar system being installed and you're likely to attract a much lower charge than $165 if you already have a smart meter installed. However, we do prefer to quote for the worst case scenario to avoid any surprises.