Smart Meter Estimate with solar

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So far I have been really impressed with AGL ad my solar savers plan. I have a 9.57KW system on 3 phase and we generate about 49kw daily which is great for credits.


AGL has been spot on with usage and KW generated daily, however I noticed on Saturday 2nd May my system generated 49kw approximately, yet the electricity usage and solar feed in is an "Estimate" of 3.6 kw generated and 0.50kwh used.


Can anyone confirm if this is a common problem with smart meters and if AGL will credit me for the 49kw I generated on that day? If this continues to happen, I see no point in the 21c FIT if we get no credits for a 49kw day. I am essentially supplying AGL with free power that they can sell for 29c per KWH.



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Hi WilliamNSW, 


Thanks for contacting us and being apart of the AGL Community. 


There could be a number of reasons why some days or periods may show as estimated. If you would like us to take a closer look into this, please contact us with your account details and we'd be happy to assist;