Off peak hot water

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We currently have an off peak hot water heater on controlled load 1. We have recently had a 5kw solar system installed and are waiting on installation of our smart meter (since April I might add!). Are we better off to keep the hot water on controlled load for when we don’t produce enough power or have everything connected to solar?

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Once your meter is upgraded, your controlled load will automatically use power generated by your solar system if this available. If not, it will import power from the grid instead.


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I have a similar situation.  recently installed a 5kw system and used to have my traditional hot water system heating over night on off-peak.  When i look at my hourly usage, I have a 2.5-3kw load at 10.30pm each night.  I assume this is the hot water system.  I feel like I'd be better off configuring this to heat at midday.

How do I reconfigure the time that the hot water system heats up?  I don't see anyhting on the switch board nor on the tank itself?  Thanks in advance

PS I'm not home during most days, so all that energy is just going back to the grid at a low value.

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Can I top up my controlled load by installing a solar panel  and connecting to system