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I am a customer of AGL. Yesterday I received an 8x increase in my gas bill. I used gas for cooking and hot water trubg average about $110. but from May,July,I only use gas to cook hot water,so in May it was $62.44,June was $45.77 but in July it increased tremendously by $287. But when I called, they explained that because 2 months ago, the calculation was short, so July was calculated to make up. When I heard that explanation, I didn't know what to say. you think if I used it as at first, both cooking and hot water, it would be less than $ 330 3 months but I only use it to cook hot water but 3 months total is nearly $ 400. Even if the price goes up, it's not that expensive. and now they tell me to manually declare my monthly consumption to . this is the first time after 4 years with AGL 

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Hi @Vohan. Receiving an unexpectedly high bill is definitely an unpleasant surprise.


It's normal to receive estimated bills and then adjusted bills when AGL next receives the actual meter read from your local distribution company. If you never wish to receive an estimated bill, it's simple to send through your own meter reads through on the AGL app - see our Submit a Meter Read page for more info. Basically, you can choose whichever approach you prefer - estimated bills followed by adjusted bills, or submitting your own reads. 

Regarding the size of the bill, there can be a lot of reasons for a surprisingly high bill. As you probably know, the wholesale price of gas very high at the moment, and this is reflected in significantly higher bills. But if your actual usage is showing as higher than you expect, perhaps there's another reason as well, such as a leak or faulty appliance. Take a look at our Unexpected High Bill page for more info on what the cause could be.