Gas Account showing " Setup in progress"

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Hi AGL community,


On Aug 10, I signed up for an AGL gas account before I moved into my new address. I requested a connection on Aug 23 and got confirmation from AGL. Now one month has passed that date, and the gas account is still showing "

Setup in progress".
I contacted the customer representative multiple times. Each time they point me to the Resolution team on 131 245. When I called, they just promised that it will be set up as quickly as possible. But nothing really happened and the Resolution team turns out to be not helpful at all. Today I just called them again, and the guy on 131245 mentioned that I should contact the Resolution team on Monday next week. It is confusing as it is working hours when I called and, isn't 131245 the number of the Resolution team??
It is frustrating as I have no idea how I will be charged for this period with no record. Please someone from AGL can help me solve the issue.
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Hi @Claude, as this is a specific account issue, i'm going to send you a private message so we can take a look for you! Thanks- Mark.

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Hi @_Mark_ , on the same day I posted the message, my gas account is connected (It took 1 month from the scheduled connection date). I am expected to receive the bill at the end of this month (in one or two days). I will report here if everything is fine. For now, thank you for your response!

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Hi @Claude,


Thanks for letting us know, it's great to hear this has been completed for you. Feel free to get in touch with us any time if you have further issues with your account.


Kind Regards,