Electricity meter reading

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Does anybody understand how Ausgrid meter readings can vary? I have recently connected with AGL and the reading they have given me is very different to the reading I have done myself. For example, the reading I got was much lower than the reading they have quoted me. Their reading was 6000 kWh more. Is this something I should be concerned about?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Yes this may be of concern to you, normally the meter readings are less than the actual readings.


So in that scenario, you suddenly have a very large bill to pay.


If you have a Smart Meter it is possible  for retailers / suppliers to send a command to them to get the actual meter readings and that should match your manual reads.


If yours is a smart meter it may contain three separate meters

  • Usage from grid
  • Export to grid (normally solar)
  • Off Peak Controlled load

You should check your meter to see what meters you have connected.


If your meter is manually read, by a meter reader, then they may have misentered their reading.


If your meter is manually read, you can log onto your AGL account and enter a manual reading.


If you transitioned to AGL from another retailer you should have a final bill from them stating your final bill meter readings.


There are numerous other reasons why this can occur, the house has been vacant but power was not disconnected etc etc.


You need to establish the correct reading with AGL to ensure that you are paying for the electricity you are using.


Hope this helps.


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Cheers Neil

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