EDMI MK7A meter readings

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We have recently had an EDMI MK7A meter installed and are now trying to understand just what is being produced. We have a solar system and battery installed.

Is there a listing of the codes and what they stand for. So far I have found 

03 Excess energy produced

07 Total energy re hot water

13 Excess energy from solar system

43 this should remain at 0

53 Total excess consumed

63 Total exported

04 ?

14  ?

I have found that the detail given by the manufacturer of the digital meter does not include these codes or an explanation.





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Hi @WillPau, we can take a look at the bills and compare the readings sent to us with the usage to give you a better idea of what registers are on your meter. You can reach out to us here and we'd be happy to look at it for you. Regards- Mark.

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I would like to understand the meter parameters also. We have an EDMI Atlas Mk7A. We have solar installed but no battery.

According to your website the parameters available to me should be.

I assume it would be a PFIT Solar Configuration.
LCD 01 - Standard current date and time
LCD 03 - Excess energy consumed by customer's load = 4964.6 kWh
LCD 07 - Total energy consumed by solar system = 3260.4 kWh
LCD 13 - This register should record zero for PFIT meters = 15096.3 kWh
LCD 43 - Total energy produced by customer solar system = 0
LCD 53 - Total excess energy consumed by customer = 7729 kWh
LCD 63 - Total excess energy exported by solar system = 14600.2 kWh

Doesn't seem to make much sense. 13 has a reading. 43 doesn't? Is this meter configured correctly? These are the parameters we have available but even searching google provides different results. Could you please clarify.

Also, Our bill states that we are using 22 kWh a day. However, when I use my NMI in the electricity comparator it states that we are using only 14 kWh a day? We'd like to know why there is such a huge difference assuming they are using the same data.