Deliberately misleading

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Your txt inferred that the metre change was standard practice. You did not advise of the new extra cost that would be being added to my billing re demand tariff untill after you installed your penalty extortion metre. My metre was not old, it was not faulty it did not require replacement. You should be ashamed of yourselves while people are doing it tough to ADD costs to our already exorbitant bills in SA. Highest in the world how do you sleep at night. How many vulnerable people have you pulled this con on? Discusted 

AGL Moderator
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Hi @Pstof,


Thanks for reaching out. As part of the upgrade process, information was sent to customers regarding the upgrade as well as option to opt out of this. 


Although Demand tariff may be a default tariff for smart meters in your state, there is usually an option to switch to Time of Use tariff. We can look into this option for you. I'll send you a private message to grab some details from you.


Kind Regards,