Connecting Solar with Remote Meter

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I live on an acreage & pay around $1700 quarter for electricity. I am considering installing solar. I have a 3 phase connection with the Meter attached to a pole at the start of my driveway. The Switchboard is located at the house, approx 100m away. Will I need a new cable installed 100m from the switchboard/house/inverter to the meter or can the inverter connection be done at the switchboard?. Will the meter location effect me being able to receive a feed back tarrif? 

I have actually asked this question to 2 installers & received conflicting answers.


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Hi DavidF, 

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Sounds a bit complex! I believe the solar installer/electrician would be completing the inspection and will advise you of what is required for your property. You can speak with our metering team to see if they have any further information that might be able to help you out: 

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