Changing the time of day my water heats up

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Currently my water heats up over night but the cheaper tariff is in the middle of the day. Is it possible to change the time when the water heats up?

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Hi All - I'm curious to know if you received a reply to your query as I'm in the same situation as you and would like to change the time of day that my hot water system heats up. We have an 8kw solar system and I would prefer to use my own power rather. Inexplicably our hot water Controlled Load 1 charges for the last month jumped from $10 to $41.63.

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Hi Russ

Not sure where you are located or how to change the timing on the meter.

Normally off peak charging can be changed by line pulses so that the provider can manipulate when you charge to flatten the load.

The timing of controlled loads seems erroneous in that it is in the night when yes there is less demand but they are complaining that there is too much private generation in the day so why not use that excess for hot water.

If your solar buy back is less than the off peak charge then you are better off removing the hot water from controlled load and putting it on general load.

I have a system on a rental in QLD like this because of the miserable buy back price.

The hot water has a relay switch that controls when the hot water heats which is currently set for during the day.

I am not sure of the flexibility of the control, when it is a basic preset timer or activates when there is a positive net flow to the grid.


Mine switch was provided by Proven Energy in Toowoomba but I am sure all the solar companies have the same device.