Adding second water heater to control load

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I have two hot water system. One is on Control Load 2 and another one is on normal load. I contacted an electrician to connect my second heater to control load but he advised me that I would have to contact the supplier as he unable to touch the ripple controller and not too sure of the times. When I contacted online support they are telling me to contact electiticiton, you online support is really back and I was on the chat for over two hours with multiple people. Could someon please tell me how I can connect add second heater to the Control Load.  Thanks

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Hi @Salman_89,


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To connect hot water system to Controlled Load meter, you would need to contact an electrician. If they have advised you that they can't connect a second hot water system to the same Controlled Load register, then you may need to get your meter altered to allow you to do this. 


This is something that you would need to have a chat to our New Connections team about. They're available on 1800 680 430, Monday to Friday 8am to 5.30pm (AEST).


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