Gas consumption

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I would like some advice on my high GAS energy bill which shows our consumption higher than a 5 person house
Devices: Gas hot water heater ; Gas ducted heating; gas hob cooking ( minor consumption )


AGL have a lot of information about electricity but not gas, which has become a significant budget item.

How do I work out what the problem is ?

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Hi @Gas2,


Welcome to Neighbourhood! Generally speaking customers who have ducted gas heating find they have high increase of usage over winter months. 


Your hot water system will use more gas over winter as well, in saying that, on it's own you wouldn't see a high increase due to hot water system alone. 


You can work out how much your ducted gas heating is using on your normal setting. Take a photo of your meter, run your heating for an hour, take a photo of your meter again. The difference of the 2 reads is your usage. To convert this to mj, you would multiply this by Heating Value and then by Pressure Factor as displayed on your latest bill. 


We can certainly help you work this out, if you're not sure how to calculate this. 


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Hi Olgi

Thanks for the prompt response

Can I message you directly to provide the data and more detail ?

Regards  Gas2