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Last year my old meters were replaced with Holley Formway Group Metering (model DDS28B-201?). Since then my electricity usage in each quarter has increased over the corresponding period the year before by around 60%. I am wanting to install a monitoring device so I can see where all the power is being used and what time. What I want to know is:


  1. Is this normal to see such an increase due to a new meter?
  2. Are these meters smart capable?
  3. Are they physically read or wireless?
  4. Do they send data in 30 min increments to my provider?
  5. I have an peak/off peak metering. The old timer does not seem to be working now - is the timer function built into the new meter?




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Hi AN2020,


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AGL do not install meters so the amount of information we have on specific makes and models is often limited, however after a brief search online I was able to locate this document, which includes details about your meter on page 15. From this, I was able to ascertain the following in response to your questions:

  1. A new meter is incredibly unlikely to result in an increase in usage.
  2. These meters are not considered 'smart' meters.
  3. These meters are physically read.
  4. These meters do not report data remotely, and your usage data is only obtained by means of a manual read every three months.
  5. The best way to confirm if your off peak, or 'controlled load', is still functioning correctly is to check your bills to ensure that usage has been recorded on this register for your most recent billing period.


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